True Things!  This is the new Chihuahua Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

The Governor of Chihuahua, María Eugenia Campos Galván, officially appointed Nidia Aidin Orpinel Pizarro as head of the office of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, after the departure of Gema Chávez Durán, who left office on May 24.

Orpinel served as general coordinator of the Justice Centers for Women since September of last year and, according to local media, his career was promoted by former Governor César Duarte Jáquez, currently imprisoned accused of embezzlement for more than 96 million pesos.

The Chihuahua Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the appointment of the official. He assured that it was done by the head of the Executive “with the powers conferred by law, in compliance with the provisions of article 122 Bis of the Political Constitution of the State of Chihuahua, based on article 13 Ter Section VIII of the Organic Law of the Executive Power, due to the vacancy which derives from the resignation of the previous owner, in which she is designated as in charge of the office of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the Constitution of Chihuahua, The head of the prosecutor’s office must be appointed by the State Congress by the vote of at least two thirds of the legislators.after receiving a short list sent by a panel of nine specialists in the fight against corruption, of which five will be appointed by the Executive and four by the Legislative. There must be a public call to join the panel.


“The members of the panel, as well as those who make up the list that they propose must be free from conflict of interest. states the Constitution.

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Local media highlighted Duarte Jáquez’s boost to Orpinel’s career. They highlighted that in 2014 and 2016 she was appointed by the then governor as head of the District Attorney’s Offices in the Central South and South areas. She even went to Ciudad Delicias and Parral to protest.

Duarte is accused of diversion of 96 million 665 thousand 253 pesos between 2011 and 2014, when he governed the entity. On June 9, Judge Humberto Chávez Allende linked him to a trial for embezzlement and criminal association and gave the Prosecutor’s Office a period of six months for the complementary investigation.

The official left her position in October 2016, with the beginning of the administration of PAN member Javier Corral Jurado.

Until September 2021 he worked as agent of the Public Ministry in the Central Zone District Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, since 2018 she has been an instructor at the State Institute of Public Security.

Former Governor Javier Corral assured on June 30 in Aristegui Live, that Duarte Jáquez has an increasingly relevant role in the government of María Eugenia Campos.

“Not only has he managed to place one of his closest collaborators at the head of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Chihuahua, Judge Miriam Hernández Acosta, his political goddaughter, but also they just made an appointment trampling on the Constitution and the law, as is now customary in the state,” he said.

“They have just appointed a person in charge of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. Beyond the evaluation of the profile, We must not fail to point out that the person who is now in charge was a zone prosecutor in the government of César Duarte,” he commented.

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“I must say that the appointment has been totally illegal, unconstitutionalafter the previous Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Gema Chávez, who had been selected in a transparent, autonomous procedure, appointed by the State Congress, proposed by a panel of experts, was sacked,” said the former governor.

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