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Here’s one for your “what the hell did I just see?” file: On Tuesday, Arizona Republican congresswoman Debbie Lesko spoke in congress during a debate over gun legislation and, accidentally, said she would do whatever it takes to “protect” her own grandchildren, including killing them.

Look, we know that if you haven’t already seen it then you’re thinking this can’t possibly be the case, which is why we’ve embedded the video above. But if you can’t watch at the moment and you still need proof, here is a direct quote:

“I have 5 grandchildren. I would do anything, anything, to protect my 5 grandchildren, including, as a last resort, shooting them, if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren.”

She appears to have left something out of her intended remarks — she certainly denies that she intended to suggest she would shoot her grandchildren. Likely that would have been some extremely imaginary, unlikely threat she would need to shoot. After all, the overwhelming evidence is that almost none of America’s episodes of gun violence or mass shootings have been prevented or even mitigated by other people on the scene with guns.

But whatever it was, here’s the rest of her comment:

Democrats, she said, want to “take away my right, MY RIGHT, to protect my grandchildren. They want to take away the rights of law abiding citizens to protect their own children, and grandchildren, and wives and brothers and sisters. This bill takes away due process from law abiding citizens. Can you imagine if you had a disgruntled ex, or somebody who hates you ’cause of your political views, and they go to a judge and say ‘oh, this person is dangerous,’ and that judge would take away your guns, lean on the side of conservatism, take away their guns, without that person even having a knowledge that there was a court hearing that would take away their guns.”

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OK, but she also said she’d be willing to shoot her own grandchildren in order to protect them. Whoops.


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