They seize in Sinaloa half a million fentanyl tablets

Federal government authorities secured in Sinaloaapproximately 500 thousand tablets and 83 kilograms of probable fentanyl, in a warehouse located in the city of Culiacán.

According to a statement from the General Prosecutor of the Republic, as a result of research work, elements of the Ministerial Police, the Criminal Investigation Agency, the Secretary of National Defense and the National Guard They located a property in the neighborhood Flowerswhich was used to store drugs.

The authorities carried out an operation between July 4 and 7 and entered the place, where they found 1,000 kilos of a crystalline and granular solid substance, with the characteristics of methamphetamine; 510 thousand blue tablets, apparently fentanyl; 83 kilograms of a solid substance, presumably fentanyl; 31 kilograms of cocaine; 8 kilos of a substance with the characteristics of heroin and 26 thousand pesos.

on the spot too found chemical precursorsa truck coupled with a dry box, as well as six vehicles of different brands, which were secured and made available to the Public Ministry.

This insurance occurs days after the Army and National Guard seized, also in Culiacán, 540 kilos of fentanylthe largest amount of this drug seized so far.

On Tuesday, in a forum organized by the Senate, Gady Zabicky SirotNational Commissioner Against Addictions, towarned about psychoactive drugs from the fentanyl familybecause they are very addictive substances, capable of generating overdose, very cheap and highly available.

While, Silvia Cruz Martin del Campoa researcher at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, said that because it is synthetic, fentanyl can be produced in a laboratory in a couple of hours, in addition to One kilo of fentanyl is equivalent to 100 kilos of morphine and 10 kilos of heroin.; it is much more powerful, and a kilo of pure fentanyl is enough to produce half a million lethal doses.

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