trapped with the devil

Lovers of thrillers and true crime stories have a must-see with ‘Locked Up with the Devil’, the new original miniseries inspired by real events on Apple TV+, developed by acclaimed author Dennis Lehane (‘Mystic River’, ‘Shutter Island ‘) and starring and produced by Taron Egerton (“Rocketman”).

Egerton takes on his most intense role to date playing Jimmy Keene, a privileged young man, the son of a decorated police officer and a star high school athlete, who is sentenced to ten years in prison for drug trafficking. Once inside, Jimmy is presented with the opportunity to free himself from his conviction. To do this, he “just” has to break into a maximum-security prison, befriend suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser), and get him to reveal where he buried the bodies of several girls.

Although he is aware of the similarities between the protagonist of ‘Locked Up with the Devil’ and the role that launched his career, Eggsy from ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, the British actor was clear from the beginning that Jimmy had to be taken elsewhere and not be repeated. Egerton tells us in our interview on the occasion of the release of the miniseries that it was very “exciting” interpreting duality characterizes the character and “peel its layers throughout the series” to find out where it comes from “anger, arrogance and misogyny”.

To give it life, moreover, Egerton trained hard with the goal of fully exploring the insecurity behind his overworked physique and pristine appearance.: “The important thing for me was to understand what part of his masculinity, of his vanity, is what makes you want to be bigger than others. He wants to be the alpha male, the strongest, the most handsome and successful, because he is very insecure”.

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In the mind of the assassin

Paul Walter Hauser, known among other things for ‘Richard Jewell’, ‘Cruella’ or ‘Cobra Kai’, plays the creepy Larry Hall, a disturbing and strange figure for whom the actor also gave himself completely, to the point of ending up exhausted , as revealed to us. “As the series progressed and my exhaustion from filming and everything that happened around it increased, it ended up taking its toll on me. I stopped drinking during filming and we shot 5-7 weeks longer than planned. That made a dent in me, but I’ve already gotten rid of the characterit states.

To flesh out Jimmy’s counterpoint, Hauser also underwent his own transformation, resulting in one of the season’s most sinister characters, both in body language and childlike voice. “I wanted the character to walk in defeat, like a dog that has been hit in the nose with a newspaper”Explain. “I tried to give life to a kind of emotional castration and I made decisions that weird people would make. Her relationship with Egerton’s character is at the core of a series that gets darker with each chapter and offers strong emotions.

‘Locked up with the Devil’ also stars Greg Kinnear, Sepideh Moafi and Ray Liotta in one of his last roles. The first two episodes (of 6 in total) are now available on Apple TV +, with a new weekly episode every friday.

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