'Thor: Love & Thunder': Natalie Portman talks about her future in the MCU

    Natalie Portman’s position in front of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always raised doubts. For years it was believed that she came out of it after ‘Thor: The Dark World’ in a bad way. There are not many stars willing to mortgage her career for so many years to the same character. Even fewer women who want that character to be “the girlfriend of” forever. With the role of the powerful Thor it seemed that this last problem was solved and Portman triumphantly returned to the Marvel universe for the fourth installment of the saga.

    Seeing Portman carrying Mjölnir even led many to think that the time had come for Hemsworth to step aside, like Chris Evans or Iron Man, and leave Natalie Portman as the new female Thor, and alone, of the MCU. . For that, of course, a prestigious actress like Portman should dedicate a large part of the next few years to projects exclusively for the MCU. Perhaps with a better check and with the protagonist being a superhero and not one’s partner, the actress would have finally been convinced by Disney’s siren songs.

    In an interview with the LA Times, Portman spoke about his future at Marvel after this film.

    I am open to anything. He’s a great character and I feel like anything is possible.

    Spoilers for ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ below

    It seems, however, that it was all a ploy by Marvel so that we would not guess the most dramatic moment at the end of ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’. Mjölnir fails to cure Jane Foster’s cancer, in fact, it accelerates its progress. Natalie Portman’s character dies at the hands of Hemsworth after closing the wounds on her heart. Her return, therefore, feels like a kind of vis to better close her participation in the MCU than a committed future return.

    However, in Marvel everything can happen and so Disney has not wanted to completely close the doors to Natalie Portman who, who knows, could repeat the game in the future. Hence the second post-credits scene in which she, although she is still dead, she appears in the flesh in Valhalla. It is, of course, a way to brighten up the dramatic end of her character, to send it off with a smile, but it is also a crack in the window that Marvel leaves at the return of Jane Foster. More or less, Jane Foster is still there.

    ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ is already in theaters and will arrive very soon at Disney + Spain.

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