Prosecutor's Office refuses to call Florencia Serranía to testify, says lawyer Teófilo Benítez

The office of lawyer Teófilo Benítez Grados, who represents 13 victims of the collapse of Line 12, announced that the capital prosecutor’s office decided not to call Florencia Serranía, former director of the Metro Collective Transport System (STC), to testify.

According to this version, the public ministry that is handling the case considers that the human rights of the former official may be violated if she is summoned to testify without having a solid line of investigation that directly involves her.

Aristegui Noticias asked the capital prosecutor’s office for a position on these statements, which we will publish as soon as it reaches our hands.

The office affirmed that the public ministry that is handling the case, María de la Luz Alcántar Alcántar, argued that if “subpoenas are made and trades are issued without having lines of investigation to determine the object of the summons, this implies a deficient action to the detriment of the rights of Florencia Serranía and her possible defenseit would also violate articles 14, 16 and 21 of the Federal Constitution.”

Criminal lawyer Teófilo Benítez Grados, lawyer for 13 of the victims, argued that these statements are out of context, since the The Public Ministry is obliged to exhaust all lines of investigation and conduct the interviews that are necessary to clarify a criminal act..

He affirmed that although a judge ruled that the Public Ministry must summon the former director of the Metro, Florencia Serranía, to appear, he asked the victims to justify why the former official’s statements would be useful for the investigation.

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He clarified that there is no illegality in requesting that Florencia Serranía appear, since the federal and local constitutions contemplate this right to ask the social representative to carry out acts of investigation and interviews that are necessary, to arrive at the truth of the facts. .

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