'Alito' Moreno affirms that the PRI will remain as leader until 2024: 'I don't care what they say'

The Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, published a new audio of Alejandro Moreno, in which he says that he will continue as the national leader of the PRI until 2024, regardless of the voices that ask for results.

There is time to promote, God first I will continue in the PRI, until 2024, it will be up to me to decide the list. All those assholes who swim out there: “No, if they don’t give results”, they go to hell, I was elected for 4 years, I stay here, I don’t care what they say, then, at the end of the road it’s my turn the one that is coming, that is, I have to build the one that is coming, the succession is coming in Tamaulipas, so we are going to build there…

In the published material, it can be seen that he gives his cell phone number to a person he names “my Marko” and the subtitles of the video placed by the Campeche government mark some words in blue.

The governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, said that she is thinking of “lowering” the audio a little.

In your program, Jaguar Tuesday, He said that it is a warning “but, perhaps we have, and I think that we should stop him a bit with the audios, I understand that there is also a lot of curiosity in that, but in order not to damage this investigation folder, because he already resorted to human rights…”.

In a conversation with Renato Sales, state prosecutor, he said that the presumption of innocence has not been harmed, because it has not been said that he is responsible for any crime and it has been emphasized that it is only being investigated.

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He also stated that the investigation folder on this case is from before the electrical reform.


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