They denounce double charges in transfer of Line 1 of the Metro-RTP: Semovi

The Secretary of Mobility of Mexico City, Andrés Lajous, reported that passengers have denounced that they pay twice between access to Line 1 of the capital’s Metro and the transfer to the RTP buses.

Through his Twitter account, Lajous explained that with the credit card Integrated Mobility a single charge is made.

“If the payment was made in cash, in the Metro they can present the RTP ticket. Here we attend to doubts and clarifications”, published the official from the capital.

The head of government, claudia sheinbaumacknowledged reports of double charges in the transfers of Line 1 and RTP trucks, and reported that he has asked the Secretary of Mobility, Andrew Lajous, “to travel personally to solve the problem”.

“I am pending and informing”, published the president of the capital on Wednesday morning through her Twitter account.

Yesterday, Lajous reported that, as a result of the modernization works on Line 1 of the Mexico City Metro, the passenger transfer times using this line will increase on average between 15 minutes and half an hour.

“There will be some cases in which the journey can be longer and, due to transfers, you have to go out on the street and they can take more,” the official explained in an interview for Aristegui Live.

He added that, to reduce the effects on passengers, 300 RTP buses are being operated on the Line 1 route, making stops at the same stations. In addition, the wagons on other lines of the Metro, Metrobus and Trolleybus.

Lajous explained that because the Line 1 It was built in 1967, and had an average useful life of 40 years, so for 13 years it required a “total modernization” that includes a replacement trainsthe tracks, electrical systems and control mechanisms, with an investment of 37 billion pesos.

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