They denounce that UNAM security element hits a young man in CU |  Video

“UNAM security hits students”denounced a user named @leotomasx on Twitter.

The message published on July 13 includes a video in which a meeting between security elements of the university and a group of young people in the facilities of Ciudad Universitaria is observed, in which they assure that security personnel beat them.

The events, they reported, occurred while they were skidding on the road near the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC). @leotomasx ensures that those affected are students.

Until now, the UNAM has not ruled on the matter.

“I was speaking well to you”, one of the young men is heard saying to the security element, while he is lying on the ground. The man, dressed in pants and a black shirt, addresses him violently.

In the complaint tweet, the user also shares some photographs. In one of them the plates of the patrol in which the subjects approached the place are observed. also shows the injured lip of one of the young people attacked.

In the video, the other youths are heard telling the security elements that they should not have hit him. However, they only insist that they withdraw.

“Let’s retire now friend, grab your skateboard and let’s retire… avoid fights, come on now”.

The images do not allow us to see what happens afterwards and we only hear: “that is not the way… but why did you hit him? … hold on dude…” say some of those involved in the place.

Then the same subject who was with the young man lying on the floor, approaches the one who records and pushes him.

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