Big Brother 24: Who Was Nominated And Who Won The Veto In Week 2

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the big brother live feeds as of Sunday, July 17th. Read at your own risk!

big brother Season 24 is back on track after a soft reset that followed Paloma Aguilar’s surprising exit. Taylor Hale went from unanimous evictee to someone with a second chance and renewed hope in the gamethough fans worried about her future when Jasmine Davis won the Week 2 Head of Household. CinemaBlend has continued to watch the live feeds and update fans on the latest Season 24 house events and, now, we officially know who was nominated and who won the veto.

With her, HOH duties, Jasmine had a decision to make. She needed to figure out whether she wanted to make a big move or try to maintain the status quo and repeat Daniel Durston’s nominations in Week 1. Here’s how it all shook out and who she won the veto that could change everything.

Taylor Hale on Big Brother on CBS

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Taylor Hale Was Nominated For Eviction

Anyone following the live feeds could’ve seen this coming. Taylor had a high probability of being re-nominated regardless of who she won due to her current position in the house. However, Jasmine’s win represented her worst-case scenario for her. Jasmine hasn’t connected with Taylor since an alleged conversation in which she latter inferred that the former was fat. It’s also worth noting that Jasmine was very close with Paloma and Alyssa Snider. For anyone wondering why that’s relevant, those three more or less kicked off the anti-Taylor sentiment that’s persisted in the house. I’m not even sure Taylor was surprised that she was on the block again and, if she survives this week, I think there’s a good chance she’ll be in a similar spot during the following week.

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Pooch on Big Brother on CBS

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Joseph “Pooch” Pucciarelli Was Nominated For Eviction

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