Ukrainian cargo plane crashes in Greece |  Videos

A ukrainian cargo plane collapsed in the area Antifilippi, in the north of Greece, on a trade trip from Serbia, destined for Jordan.

During the flight, the engine failed and the pilot tried to land at Kavala airport, a coastal city in northern Greece.

However, the engine has caught fire and the plane fell this Saturday between the towns of Antifilippi and Palaiochori, about 50 kilometers away from the airport, according to the newspaper ‘Kavala Post’.

After the accident, there were several explosions.

The aircraft, an Antonov-12, had a crew of eight people and “twelve tons of dangerous cargo”the channel reported ESRD.

The authorities ordered the residents of the surroundings of the scene of the incident to away by the “dangerous and toxic fumes” emitted by the aircraft.

A representative of Civil Protection, in statements to ESRD, reported that they are carrying out the evacuation of all people, including firefighters, police and rescue teams, since there is concern about the nature of the cargo. (EuropePress)

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