What happened to the cast of 'ER' almost 30 years later?

    One of the most important and acclaimed medical dramas in history, ‘ER’, has arrived at HBO Max.

    What was the longest television series about doctors and hospitals until the arrival of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was created by bestselling author Michael Crichton (‘Jurassic Park’) and produced by John Wells (‘The West Wing of the White House ‘) and Christopher Chulack (‘Guard Watch’), becoming the most nominated series in history at the Emmy Awards with a total of 124 nominations, winning 23 of those awards, among which was the award for best dramatic series in 1996.

    Almost 30 years have passed since its premiere in 1994, and its revival on platforms is as good an excuse as any to review the career of its cast. Some succeeded, like George Clooney, and others were practically forgotten. Surely taking a look at the list you will meet several of your favorite characters and you will want to review the series from cover to cover, but before focusing on the cast, we must stop to talk about Michael Crichton.

    Michael Crichton, author, director and producer, had studied medicine in the late 1960sentering Boston General Hospital as a student in 1969. During his fourth year of studies, in 1970, he made a documentary about five patients, adding observations and experiences from the Boston hospital emergency room. In 1974, already a doctor, he wrote the script for a film about an emergency room which he completed the same year, offering it in subsequent years to various television studios, being rejected since it was alleged that it needed a large number of improvements.

    Meanwhile, between 1966 and 1994, Crichton continued to write novels such as ‘The Andromeda Strain’, ‘Congo’, ‘Sphere’ and ‘Jurassic Park’, in addition to writing and directing ‘Metal Souls’ in 1976, now converted into an HBO television series (‘Westworld’). Finally, the ‘ER Urgencias’ project had the green light 20 years after the script went around the television offices and we were able to enjoy one of the best series of doctors in history (if not the best).

    ‘ER’ explores the inner workings of an urban university hospital and the dire problems facing the doctors and staff of its overburdened ER.. These medical professionals are determined to save lives in a place where nothing is taken for granted and nothing is certain… nothing except that very soon another desperate person in need of your help will be rushing through the ER door.

    East the appearance that the cast had when they participated in the series and their current appearance, and a brief summary of what he has been doing these years.

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Anthony EdwardsMark Greene

Anthony Edwards was not a star when he joined the cast of ‘ER’, but he was a familiar face to the general public. The actor had appeared in popular films such as ‘Rookie Revenge’ and ‘That Exciting Year’, but he was mostly recognized for playing Goose in ‘Top Gun’ alongside Tom Cruise.

Edwards starred in ‘ER’ for the first few seasons, in which Dr. Greene served as a mentor and team leader for the hospital until his passing at the end of season eight.

Since then, she has had supporting roles in shows like ‘Girls,’ ‘Law & Order,’ and ‘Billions,’ as well as appearing in movies like David Fincher’s ‘Zodiac.’ His next job will be in the spin-off ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’.

Julianna Margulies – Carol Hathaway

‘ER’ launched the career of Margulies, an original cast member who spent 135 episodes on the series. His jump to film gave us great genre movies like ‘Ghost Ship’ and ‘Snakes on a Plane’, and he had memorable appearances on series like ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Billions’.

‘The Good Wife’, one of the best series of trials and lawyers in history, was his most notable leading role on television, remaining in the series for 7 seasons and more than 150 episodes.

His latest roles have also been for television, in the series ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘The Hot Zone’.

Sherry Stringfield – Susan Lewis

Sherry Stringfield was one of the original stars of the cast of ‘ER’, although she left after a few seasons. However, she later returned to the show in the same role.

Stringfield has participated in films such as ’54 (Studio 54)’ and the remake of ‘El padrastro’, as well as in series such as ‘La Cúpula’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.

Dr. John Carter was a central character for the show’s first eleven seasons, appearing sporadically in the twelfth season and returning for the series finale.

After ‘ER’, Noah Wyle had a small but important role in the cult film ‘Donnie Darko’ and starred in the sci-fi series ‘Falling Skies’ for 5 seasons.

Eriq La Salle – Peter Benton

Eriq La Salle was already a Hollywood regular, having starred in movies like ‘Jabob’s Ladder’ and ‘The Prince of Zamunda’, but his role as the talented surgeon Peter Benton took his career to another level with appearances on series like ‘ 24’ and ‘La Cúpula’, where he reunited with Sherry Stringfield.

He currently works behind the scenes, directing episodes of series such as ‘Lucifer’, Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Chicago PD’.

Laura Innes-Kerry Weaver

Innes was in ‘ER’ until the show’s thirteenth season, also appearing in the final season, being one of the longest-serving performers on the series.

His most famous film role is undoubtedly in ‘Depp Impact’, during its height of popularity, but he has continued to work on television in series such as ‘Louie’ and How to Get Away with Murder.

Gloria Reuben – Jeanie Boulet

Although Reuben debuted in the first season of the series, it was with the show later in the season, and it wasn’t until the second season that he became a recurring cast member, remaining until the sixth season.

You may have seen her in ‘Falling Skies’, ‘Blindspot’, ‘Cloak and Dagger’ and ‘Mr. Robot’.

Paul McCraneRobert Romano

Dr. Robert Romano was the protagonist of ‘ER’ between the sixth and tenth seasons, and was already an established actor in Hollywood before his participation in the series.

McCrane had worked on ‘Rocky II’, ‘Robocop’, ‘Terror Has No Form’ and ‘Fame’. After the series, the actor had recurring roles in ’24’ and ‘La Cúpula’.

Goran Visnjic – Luka Kovac

The Croatian actor came to ‘ER’ in the sixth season to try to fill the void left by George Clooney… And he more than fulfilled it.

Subsequently, Visnjic has found a place in television with roles in series such as ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, ‘The Boys’ and ‘Doctor Who’.

Ming-Na Wen – Jing-Mei ‘Deb’ Chen

Her character was a student from season one who dropped out of medicine after accidentally killing a patient, but Dr. Deb returned in season six and starred until season ten.

Ming-Na Wen voiced ‘Mulan’ in the famous Disney animated film, was Chun-Li in ‘Street Fighter’ and has had roles in the Star Wars and Marvel series ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Agents of SHIELD’.

Maura TierneyAbby Lockhart

Since appearing in the sixth season, Abby Lockhart became one of the longest-lived characters in ‘ER’.

Maura Tierney was diagnosed with breast cancer just after the program ended, for which she suffered a forced break in her career.

Later he has continued to work in film and television, but especially in theater. Tierney went on to win a Golden Globe for her performance in ‘The Affair’, one of his most recent works.

George ClooneyDoug Ross

What about George Clooney? The actor became one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood and led the lists of the most attractive men in the world for several years, starring in films such as ‘O’Brother’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Syriana’, for which won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Clooney has another Oscar, this time as a producer, for ‘Argo’, which became the Best Picture of the 2013 edition. Clooney has gone behind the cameras, being nominated for his good work in ‘Good Night, and good luck’.

Take a look at George Clooney’s best movies as an actor.

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