“For a man who is at war, someone would have fired at least one shot in his favor,” journalist Anabel Hernández said about the capture of Rafael Caro Quintero on July 15. According to reports, at the time of the arrest, the founder of the Guadalajara Cartel did not bring weapons and no one came to his defense. Hernández said it will be interesting to see if Mexico and the US can prove that he had returned “to the criminal world.” While the former prosecutor of Mexico, Gabriel Reyes Oroña added that Caro Quintero did not need an escort or flee, because no one was chasing him. “In Mexico drug traffickers are not persecuted,” he assured. Political analyst Alfredo Figueroa spoke of the future panorama of the relationship between Mexico and the United States, after the controversy over energy within the framework of the T-MEC was revealed.

It will be interesting to see if Mexico can prove that Caro Quintero had returned to the 'criminal world' |  Analysis table


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