'Lightyear': release date on Disney + of the Pixar film

    Pixar’s new ‘Lightyear’ already has release date on Disney+: August 3, 2022. The film, which tells the story of the Space Ranger who inspired Buzz Lightyear’s toy from the ‘Toy Story’ saga, will take less than two months to make the leap to streaming after its premiere in theaters on June 17.

    One of the best movies of 2022 and above all one of the best proposals to watch as a family, ‘Lightyear’ follows the hero who inspired the toy with an adventure inspired by the best science fiction movies in history and adventure movies in the world. space. The story tells what happens to the legendary character after he is trapped on a hostile planet 4.2 million light years from Earth. with his commander and crew. In this limiting circumstance, Buzz will try to find a way to return home through space and time, but he will need the help of his recruits (and also a robot cat) to achieve it.


    The film thus joins the catalog of films from the Pixar catalog available on the platform streamingalong with other recent releases such as ‘Red’, ‘Luca’ and other of the best animated films in history. This is how Disney + announced the premiere of ‘Lightyear’ in streaming through their social networks:

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    As Álex Montoya wrote in the review for FOTOGRAMAS: “‘Lightyear’ knows, and establishes itself as, a friend of an undisguised narrative classicism from its very starting point: in a sort of metawink, this is Andy’s favorite movie, that boy who asked for a toy inspired by the movie character that made him dream of interstellar travel; after all, in some way, we are spiritually facing a film from the 90s “. And he concludes: “The film has a stellar, tremendous, score by Michael Giacchino, seamless animation, and plenty of looks at classic and not-so-classic sci-fi (from ‘Alien the Eighth Passenger’ to ‘Mars’, from ‘Starship Troopers’ to ‘Interstellar’ or, of course, to ‘Star Wars’). ‘Lightyear’ probably won’t go beyond infinity, or even pretend to go that far, but the journey it invites us on is more than satisfying.”

    With this film, we have once again dusted off the Pixar debate and its balance between original and sequels. After several direct-to-streaming original films, from ‘Soul’ to ‘Red’, this is the first Pixar movie to hit theaters in a couple of years, and it’s a nostalgic capsule designed to capitalize on the love for ‘ Toy Story’ and the character of Buzz Lightyear. The result? The critics, divided, and the box office data are not very encouraging. It seems that Buzz hasn’t gone to infinity and beyond this time…


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