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Why did Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney choose to buy a football team in a working class city in Wales with no obvious connection to the town or team? One young fan in the first trailer for the docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham” has a theory.

“What me and my dad thought was that Wrexham is red, and Deadpool is red,” the kid posits. “That’s the real reason, sorry,” Reynolds quickly interjects.

“Welcome to Wrexham” is an FX documentary series that tracks the story of why, in 2020, these two Hollywood actors chose to become the new owners of the Wrexham Red Dragons, which is the third oldest professional football club in the world but today is a struggling club in a working-class town in North Wales, UK.

With no real experience, Reynolds and McElhenney (of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Mythic Quest” fame) try to figure out how to turn the team into an underdog story the whole world could root for and how their crash course helps to change to community. The result is something more emotional and inspiring than many may be expecting based solely on the show’s premise.

The docuseries is produced by Boardwalk Pictures.

“Welcome to Wrexham” debuts on FX on August 24 with two back-to-back episodes and will also stream on Hulu. Watch the first full trailer for the series above.


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