They open a process for injuries and threats against a neighbor of Luz Raquel Padilla;  What is known about the case so far?

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office started a criminal process against the neighbor of Luz Raquel Padilla, who died this past Tuesday after being sprayed with alcohol and burned with a lighter. The woman had reported the subject previously for having threatened her with burning her alive and being the victim of an industrial chlorine attack.

This Thursday, the prosecutor of Jalisco, Luis Joaquín Méndez, reported that an order of presentation was completed by the crimes of injuries, threats and crimes committed against the dignity of people against Sergio Ismael “N” for events prior to Raquel’s death.

Member of the collective “Yo Cuido”, Raquel Padilla was the mother of a child suffering from autism spectrum syndromewhich cost him being a victim of discrimination and threats from his neighbor.

The prosecutor explained that the testimony of Sergio Ismael “N” will be incorporated into the investigation folder on the murder of Luz Raquel Padilla. He added that this process is independent of the one that was opened for the aggression committed in the past against her neighbor.

The prosecutor announced this Wednesday to the media that the subject came forward voluntarily before the authorities, although according to his own statement did not participate in the attack which caused the death of Luz Raquel.

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office previously clarified that “There is no information that positions that person in the place that the events occurred, however, it is still being investigated how one of the possible lines of research”.

Luz Raquel Padilla passed away
Tuesday afternoon after being doused with alcohol and burned last Saturday. Previously, had reported receiving threats against his life.

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For two years, Luz and her son suffered family violence by your partner, which led her to separate in search of a space where she and the minor could live in peace.

The 35-year-old woman was the mother of a child with autism and had received numerous threats and attacks from a neighbor, who did not tolerate the noises of the minor in his moments of crisis, as explained by the group “I take care of Mexico”, of which Raquel was a part.

In May, Raquel was attacked with industrial chlorine and made the case known through Twitter. In addition, she included images of the threatening messages left on the stairs and walls of his building.

On July 16, in the Arcos neighborhood of Zapopan, Luz Raquel Padilla was doused with alcohol and subsequently they set it on fire. The aggressorsthree men and one woman they fledreported the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office.

Padilla was treated at the scene by paramedics and later transferred to the Fray Antonio Alcalde Civil Hospital, with burns on 90% of his body. Finally, He died on the afternoon of July 19 “due to the seriousness of his injuries.”

After his death, the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it is already investigating the events under the protocol of femicide. He explained that on July 16 a report was received on 911 about the assault.

Likewise, he explained that Padilla had already denounced previously to his neighbor for threats “due to problems related to neighborhood coexistence”.

The Prosecutor’s Office stated that started a research folder after the complaint and the agent of the Public Ministry had turned protective measures.

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However, the group “Yo cuido México”, of which Luz Raquel was a member, maintained that Padilla He did not receive “due attention or follow-up.”

Also, he highlighted that requested to be integrated into the “Pulse of Life” program, in order to receive protection, but access was denied, since it was considered that the threats he received from “third parties” they were not sufficient cause to grant precautionary measures.

(With information from Aristegui News)

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