First Cuban doctors arrive in Mexico;  are assigned to Nayarit

A group of Cuban doctors accompanied President Andrés Manuel López Obrador this Saturday when participating in the Supervision of the Health-Wellness Plan in Nayarit.

At a press conference together with the governor of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarro, the federal president stressed that this action will improve the health system in the country.

Lopez Obrador last month reported that 500 doctors from Cuba would offer their services and would join the Mexican public health systemsome media outlets estimated that 60 health workers of Cuban nationality will carry out their work in the Nayarit regions.

“It is not the responsibility of Dr. Navarro (Governor of Nayarit), nor of Dr. (Jorge) Alcocer or Zoé (Robledo), it was an instruction that I gave, knowing how our adversaries were going to respond, the Conservatives. I made the decision to hire specialist doctors from abroad and doctors from Cuba are going to come,” López Obrador said this Saturday.

Do you know why? Because health has nothing to do with ideologieshealth has to do with human rights, and if we have to bring them from the United States and Russia or Cuba or Japan or France we will have them here”.

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