Bad Bunny goes viral for singing 'Salvame' by RBD... and Anahí reacts!  |  Video

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny once again shocked social networks, after he released a video on his TikTok account in which he performed a few seconds of the song “Sálvame”, by the Mexican group RBD.

In a few minutes the views of the video began to rise, until exceed 23 million, obtain 5.7 million ‘likes’, 225 thousand favorites, and more than 70 thousand comments.

The interpreter’s fans did not miss the opportunity to ask him to collaborate with RBD, after hearing him sing: “Little by little the heart loses faith, loses its voice. Save me from oblivion, save me from loneliness”.

It is worth remembering that in his most recent album “A summer without you”, Bunny says “in the 2000s I used to listen to RBD” in his song “I behave pretty”.

As if the surprise of hearing Bad Bunny perform the song was not enough, The singer Anahí recorded a video with her reaction, which further set the networks on fire.

Anahí’s reaction was broadcast by the official accounts of RBD in Facebook and Instagramwith the phrases: “Bad Bunny singing ‘Sálvame’ and Anahí responding is too much for this Saturday afternoon” and “Have you seen Anahí reacting to the video of Bad Bunny singing ‘Sálvame’?”.

The song “Sálvame” is the third single from the album “Rebelde”with which the Mexican group debuted in 2005 and was used to promote the telenovela starring Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez.

The theme, composed and produced by Pedro Damián, Max Di Carlo and DJ Kafka, was released in March of that year and is one of the most emblematic of the group, to the point of having been recorded in Portuguese and English.

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In addition, it was used as the name for the Save Me Foundation, created by the group to help street children, following an accident in Brazil.

Bad Bunny is not the only one who has dared with the subject, since it was already taken up by the singer Nicolle in 2006, as well as by the Mexican group Los Telez and the Argentine La Mentirosa.

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