Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest big brother episode, which aired on Sunday, July 24th. Read at your own risk!

big brother 24 is blazing along in Week 3 and, as CinemaBlend continues to track BB evictions and other events in the house, there’s something big brewing. the latest Head of Household, Matt “Turner” Turner, set a plan in motion (with an assist from Kyle Capener and Jospeh Abdin). However, the scheme could only be executed if the right person were to win the veto. Luckily for the group, everything fell right into place and, as a result, we may now be looking at a major change in the game.

So, who won the veto, and what will likely happen in the rest of the week? Let’s get into all of that below and discuss how the weakest Houseguests in the game might have just become the strongest.

Michael Bruner in Big Brother CBS

(Image credit: CBS)

Michael Bruner Won His Third Straight Veto Competition


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