Japan declares maximum alert for the eruption of the 'Sakurajima' volcano |  Video

The Japan Meteorological Agency declared this Sunday the maximum alert level and the mandatory and immediate evacuation of the populations near the volcano ‘Sakurajima’, which has erupted this afternoon.

The volcano, one of the most active in Japan, is located in Kagoshima prefecture, in the southwest of the country, and So far there are no reports of injuries during the eruption.

However, the authorities decided declare alert level 5, the highestafter warning that the volcano is expelling volcanic stones at a distance of three kilometers, according to the Japanese public network NHK.

According to the television The explosion occurred at 8:05 p.m. this Sunday (6:05 a.m. Central Mexico time). and the plume of ash and water vapor dispersed about 2.5 km from the crater.

The authorities called on the population to beware of pyroclastic flows within a range of about 2 kilometers from the crater.

This is the first level 5 alert since the Kagoshima volcanic eruption in 2015. and it is the second since this alert level was introduced in 2007.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, a large-scale eruption affecting a wide area of ​​the island is not imminent.

(With information from Europa Press and Aristegui News)


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