Panama: Driver Runs Over Demonstrators Blocking a Highway |  Warning: Strong Images

It happened this Saturday in the town of Horconcitos, province of Chiriquí. A driver ran over several protesters blocking a roadwhich caused injuries to two people, who required hospitalization, according to the Ministry of Health of Panama.

The demonstrators tried to dissuade the carriers, who threw stones and other objects at them, which did not prevent the run over, which occurred around 8:30 in the morning.

According to the health authorities, 20-year-old Faustino ‘N’, one of the two men run over, He is under medical observation and his health condition is stable. He only has a laceration on one arm.

For his part, Alcibiades ‘N’, 30, sustained several injuries such as dislocated left ankle, cuts, and bruised ribs.

The videos broadcast on social networks show the moment in which a pick-up truck with a shipment of bananas runs over the demonstrators.

Warning: strong images

The Panamanian National Police reported in a statement that held five vehicles, presumably involved in the events.

So far there is one person arrested and other arrests are not ruled out in the case. In addition, he stressed that a driver related to the events had head injuries caused by a blunt object.

The Chiriquí Prosecutor’s Office opened a investigation for crimes against life and personal integrityas well as the Personería de San Félix.

Roadblocks are part of a series of protests that Panama is experiencing in recent days due to the rising cost of living.

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Protesters have taken to the streets of various cities for at least a fortnight, in the face of rising prices, which has led to looting and clashes between the civilian population and the police.

The Panamanian government reported a reduction in the prices of gasoline and diesel, in order to contain the protests.

In addition, he released a statement in which he indicated that he accepted the proposal to include 17 additional products in the price control that applies to the basic basket.

He pointed out that the organizations convening the proposals must analyze the government actions and respond to achieve a peace agreement.

In addition, he insisted on putting an end to the blockades and the forceful measures that “By disturbing public order, they harm the population.”

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