Russia confirms the shelling of several Ukrainian military targets in the port of Odessa

The Russian Government and Army confirmed this Sunday the missile attack denounced the day before by the Ukrainian authorities against the port of Odessa, protected under the Istanbul agreement reached on Friday to resume grain exports, but pointed out that the bombing was aimed at military objectives.

“Kalibr missiles have destroyed the military infrastructure of the port of Odessa”, The spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajarova, made it known on her Telegram account, where she explained that the attacks were aimed at a “Ukrainian military ship”, which was hit in this “high-precision” bombardment.

Shortly after, the Russian Army spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, provided more information about the attack, which not only destroyed the military ship, which he identified as a “warship at the port quay”, but also a stockpile of US-supplied Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

“Other facilities for the repair and modernization of the naval forces of Ukraine They have also been rendered useless.”General Konashenkov added at a press conference collected by Interfax.

The attack against the port of Odesa was received between the concern of Turkey, guarantor of the agreement, and the condemnation of the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Ukraine itself, which denounced the launch of at least four Kalibr missiles, two of which ended up impacting the port facilities.

Under the agreement, a coalition of Turkish, Ukrainian and UN personnel will supervise the loading of grain on ships in the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chernomosk and Pivdenyi, before sailing a pre-planned route across the Black Sea.

The ships will cross the Black Sea to Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait, where a joint coordination center will be established in Istanbul, including representatives from the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Likewise, this center will be in charge of examine ships entering Ukraine to ensure that they are not carrying weapons or combat material.

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