They capture a Bengal tiger walking through the streets of Mixquiahuala, Hidalgo

A Bengal tiger was photographed last Friday while walking through the streets of the municipality of Mixquiahuala de Juárez, in Hidalgo, which caused alarm among the inhabitants of the town.

Images of the tiger circulated on social networks, who finally took refuge in a taqueria, where he was presumably overtaken by his owner, who managed to subdue him -not without some resistance- and took him away from the site.

According to journalistic reports, the tiger did not cause any serious damage, but the astonishment and fear of those who saw him circulate through the streets of the city.

According to the local press, the tiger escaped from a private home and in his flight knocked down a motorcycle, which caused the driver to fall, He did not suffer major damage, beyond the fright.

The municipal government of Mixquiahuala explained in a statement that the incident occurred on July 22. around 6:00 p.m. on Calle 16 de Septiembre, in the center of the town.

In addition, he pointed out that the competent authorities have already been notifiedin order to determine the corresponding legal measures.

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