They rescue 225 migrants from 'polleros' in a warehouse in the State of Mexico

The National Migration Institute (INM) identified 225 foreigners in a warehouse in the municipality of Jilotepec, State of Mexico.

Upon responding to the call of state and municipal police authorities, minors and adults with backpacks and blankets were located. remained overcrowded waiting to be transferred by the so-called ‘polleros’ to the north of the country, says a statement from the Ministry of the Interior

Agents from the INM, the National Guard (GN) and the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) participated in the operation. In total, migrants from the following countries were reported:

They were taken at the request of the immigration authority, to continue with the legal proceedings, as well as to provide them with care and humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, two people of Mexican nationality and three transport units secured on the property were made available to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

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