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When it comes to climate change, the everyday person is urged to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint, whether it’s using paper straws, opting for reusable grocery bags, or buying second-hand items.

However, after it was revealed that celebrities like Drake are taking their private jets for very short flights, creating incredibly high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, people (who aren’t rich enough to own private jets) are questioning why the onus is on them to stop climate change.

Last Friday, Celebrity Jets, an automated Twitter account that tracks famous people flying based on transponders and tail fin markings, exposed Drake for taking Air Drake on a 14-minute flight from Toronto to Hamilton.

It would’ve taken about an hour to get there by car.

People were infuriated to also find out that this one flight emitted about four tons of C02 emissions.

For context, it takes one person about a year to create two tons of C02 emissions, and a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 tons of CO2 per year.

“This is criminal,” was one user’s reaction on Twitter.

“Surely my stainless steel straw will offset whatever CO2 Drake’s plane emits,” another Twitter user joked.

Another is just fed up with having to use those flimsy paper straws.

And this isn’t the first time the Canadian rapper has flown that route. Celebrity Jets recorded three other flights from Toronto to Hamilton spanning from June 28 to July 22.

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In 2019, the jet even took victory laps around Toronto during the Raptors championship parade.

Unsurprisingly, Drake isn’t the only celebrity perpetrator. Kylie Jenner was also in hot water last week after she posted an instagram photos of her and boyfriend Travis Scott flexing their private jets.

“You wanna take mine or yours?” the caption reads.

It didn’t take long for people to expose Jenner’s habit of taking flights as short as three minutes.

Ordinary non-billionaires are fed up with having to carry the weight of climate change on their shoulders, and many are labeling celebrities like Drake and Jenner as climate criminals.

“What is even the point anymore?” another Twitter user questioned.

“Can you think about the future of our planet please?” another Twitter user pleaded with Drake.

While Drake partnered with sustainability group Aspirations last summer to offset his touring carbon footprint, it seems he’s having a hard time staying green.

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