Neighbors of Olaf Scholz find confidential official documents in his trash

Neighbors of Chancellor Olaf Scholz have found confidential documents in his trash, some of them clearly marked as “classified information – for official use only”, according to the magazine ‘Der Spiegel’.

The documents were in a dumpster at Scholz’s home in Potsdam, outside Berlin, according to the magazine, which says there were also documents from the recent G-7 leaders’ summit in Bavaria such as reports on the leaders and their partners.

These documents would have been thrown in the trash by the Minister of Education of the state of Brandenburg, Britta Ernst, according to ‘Der Spiegel’, which would mean a breach of the regulations on the treatment of classified documentation.

Specifically, the law stipulates that confidential documents that are no longer necessary must be destroyed in such a way that their content is indecipherable.

Information from Europe Press.

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