Robot breaks a child's finger during chess game |  Video

A robot broke a minor’s fingerwho played a game of chess with the machine.

The events, which occurred in Russiaoccurred after the boy rushed to make a play ahead of time, explained authorities of the event.

According to vice president of the Moscow Chess Federation, the minor possibly violated security rules and, “by making a move, he did not realize that he should have waited,” Sergey Smagin said, according to state media.

In the video broadcast on social networks, the moment in which the child’s finger, trying to make its move on the board, is pressed by the robot is observed.

Several people came to the aid of the minor who forced the machine so that the minor could remove his finger.

“Nothing serious happened, the boy went out later to receive his award. It’s okay. They put a cast on his finger, so he can heal faster,” Smagin said.

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