The writer José Agustín received a tribute in Cuautla

On Saturday the 23rd, on the platform of the interoceanic railway, the friends and relatives of Joseph Augustine organized a tribute within the framework of the presentation of the book Jose Agustin in Morelos of the journalist Mario Casasus.

The first colleague and friend of José Agustín to participate was Juan Antonio Aspéwho recalled the narrative workshop at the conference “The Intricate Secrets of the Tale”. continued the photographer Barry Domingueztook a tour of the rock soundtrack that accompanied José Agustín and recounted the anecdotes of the 1993 Narrators’ Meeting, the first assignment of the current director of photography for Cultural Dissemination at UNAM.

taking the floor, Hernan Lara Zavaladefended José Agustín against the contempt of the cultural elite, and the imitations -he cited the case of Roberto Bolaño-, the author from Acapulco does not need the Xavier Villaurrutia Award “because he is too much of a writer to receive that award”, sentenced the organizer of the Meeting of Storytellers in Cuautla during the 1990s.

Tino Ramírez, meanwhile, announced a special edition of The belly of the Tepozteco on its 30th anniversary with a bonus track of text and images. The penultimate to speak was Enrique Sernaalthough he had prepared a speech, he decided to improvise on the reasons that led José Agustín to Cuautla, he also thanked him for promoting him, because Serna “was an isolated weirdo”, with no friends in the editorial field.

Finally, Mario Casasus presented his book Jose Agustin in Morelos and opened the microphone so that “the readers pamper” the author of Tomb.

The tribute ended with the recognition of “Distinguished Citizen” for the writer and the baptism of the main room of the Municipal Library with the name of José Agustín. In addition, a tribute is being prepared with the Honoris Causa Doctorate from the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM).

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The book Jose Agustin in Morelos It can be downloaded from the page of the editorial Freedom under word (Aristegui Noticias published a preview in 2020, the unpublished story by José Agustín: “Happy Birthday Emiliano Zapata”).

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