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Helen Mirren’s best films

    There are actresses who are capable of anything, and Helen Mirren is one of them, as this list of her 12 best films attests.. The veteran British actress is famous for donning various royal crowns, from Charlotte to Elizabeth II, but throughout her career she has touched on genres from fast-paced action to hilarious comedy, from romantic drama to epic fantasy. There is no genre that this British lady of acting escapes. She is capable of winning an Oscar (and being nominated for a few more) and also happily enrolling in the cast of the ‘Fast&Furious(We will see her again in the ninth installment of the action franchise).

    ‘The Queen’ is one of the films for which we will remember Mirren the most, who put himself in the shoes of the British monarch well before the premiere of ‘The Crown’ among Netflix’s most awarded series and made a portrait full of edges. But before this film by Stephen Frears, Mirren had already tasted the honeys of royalty in ‘The Madness of King George’, where she played Queen Charlotte of England while dealing with her palace tensions with a mental and sentimental situation worthy of tragicomedy.

    Of course the crown suits him, but that does not mean that he has not also known how to put himself in the shoes of the service: He did it in ‘Gosford Park’, in which it continues to be one of the best performances of his career. Oscar meat, the actress has also touched very different genres such as fantasy, in the acclaimed and epic ‘Excalibur’ where she brought the Arthurian myth to life in the most iconic way, and the thriller, with films like ‘Spies from the sky ‘. And she even gave life to one of the most famous figures of classic Hollywood: the gossipy columnist Hedda Hopper, in ‘Trumbo. The Hollywood blacklist’.

    Soon we will see the veteran actress in the tenth installment of the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga, as well as in the role of Hespera in ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ (demonstrating more facets of action between upcoming DC Comics movies). Although the most demanding role we will see her in the near future is as Golda Meir, the so-called Iron Lady of Israel in the biopic ‘Golda’. Of course, Mirren is one of the greats of UK cinema, and also of Hollywood, and we celebrate her legacy (and what lies ahead) with a selection of her best films. Which is your favorite?


The Mosquito Coast (Peter Weir, 1986)

the australian director peter weir signed to Helen Mirren for this movie (now turned into an Apple TV+ series), where he worked again with Harrison Ford (after the success of ‘Unique Witness’) to adapt the novel by Paul Theroux. In it, a brilliant inventor, fed up with the consumerism of modern society, decides to move away from civilization with his family and start a new life in the middle of the jungle. Ford plays the lead and Mirren plays his wife, who has to keep the family together while everyone is slowly losing their minds. It is also one of Harrison Ford’s best movies.

Review of ‘The Mosquito Coast’


The Calendar Girls (Nigel Cole, 2003)

A Helen Mirren he’s not afraid of nudity, and he’s proven it many times in his career. Although the funniest way she showed it was in this hilarious English comedy directed by Nigel Colein which, in very good company (Julie Walters, John Alderton, Linda Bassett, Annette Crosbie…), Mirren leads a group of older women willing to make a calendar in the nude. It’s for a charitable cause (the fight against leukemia), and I’m sure they make more money than selling cookies. It is based on a true story and is one of those ‘feel good movies’ in which the actress’s charisma shone.

Review of ‘The calendar girls’


Trumbo. The Hollywood Blacklist (Jay Roach, 2015)

How the actress likes to travel to the past, with or without a crown. Here he immerses himself in the Hollywood of the 40s, a time of censorship and witch hunts that seriously affected the work of Dalton Trumbothe best-paid screenwriter in the industry at the time (and who here plays Bryan Cranston). Her political ideas cost her dearly, but all these scandals came in handy for the famous gossip columnist Hedda Hopperplayed by Mirren in the film, and that allowed her to bring out her most charismatic and less content side.

Critique of ‘Trumbo. Hollywood blacklist’


The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (Peter Greenaway, 1989)

The actress, in addition to trying numerous genres and types of stories, also did not wrinkle her face at controversial films like this one from peter greenaway. In it, she plays a woman abused by her husband, a gangster who separates her from her in favor of a younger woman and against whom she will seek revenge. She got a high rating for the theaters due to her explicit violence, but, beyond all those peculiarities of the film, Mirren’s performance was impeccable.

Review of ‘The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover’


Spies from the Sky (Gavin Hood, 2015)

Helen Mirren was also not left without trying the addictive honeys of the thriller with this acclaimed film from Gavin Hood, where she plays a British military intelligence colonel who leads an operation to catch a group of dangerous terrorists, but everything goes awry and difficult decisions will have to be made. The actress is superb in one of her most recent roles, capturing the tension by which she leads us through the plot through the experience of both hers and that of her character in her fiction.

Review of ‘Spies from the sky’


Hitchcock (Sacha Gervasi, 2012)

Behind a great man there is always a great woman whom History has never recognized, and without whom the “genius” would not have become what it is, either through the invisible work of care or, directly, by a professional collaboration in the shadows. In the case of Alfred Hitchcock, was the second. Mirren played in this film Alma Hitchcockhis wife, who was not only a pacifying force on the director’s shoots, but also a creative force that praised the master. Sasha Gervasi In this film he recounts the process of creating one of his most legendary films, ‘Psycho’, and Mirren dignifies Mrs. Hitchcock.

‘Hitchcock’ review


The Long Good Friday (John Mackenzie, 1980)

In the years in which she played the first big roles of her acting career, Mirren co-starred in this mafia thriller directed by John MacKenziein which she plays the girlfriend of a gangster played by Bob Hoskins. He, who wants to become a respectable businessman, but mysterious bombings threaten to destabilize his plans with other mafias. A film that portrays a very specific moment, with the violence of the IRA in Northern Ireland in the background, and a very intense story.

Review of ‘The Long Good Friday’


The Madness of King George (Nicholas Hytner, 1994)

Helen Mirren likes to play queens in a good palace drama, and she proved it for example with this acclaimed film from Nicholas Hytner of the 90s. In it, she plays Carlota, the Queen of England, who deals with her mental and sentimental situation between drama and comedy. Her role convinced the public so much that she was among the nominees for Best Actress at the Oscars, breaking all the predictions and bets of that year (which included the actresses of ‘Forrest Gump’). Since then, there is no one who can resist the actress when she wears a crown on her head.

Review of ‘The Madness of King George’


Excalibur (John Boorman, 1981)

When we think of the legend of King Arthur in the cinema, few adaptations have been more epic than that of John Boorman in the 80s, one of the best fantasy movies in the history of cinema. The director signed this ambitious adaptation of the story from Uther Pendragon to the Knights of the Round Table, passing through Helen Mirren’s Morgana. At just 36 years old, the actress gave life to the legendary sorceress, Arthur’s sister and Merlin’s apprentice, who finds here perhaps one of the most evil versions of her, in part because she adopts some classic functions of the Lady of the Lake.

Review of ‘Excalibur’


The Last Station (Michael Hoffman, 2009)

After winning the Oscar for ‘The Queen’, Helen Mirren was nominated again for this Michael Hoffmannwhere he shares a cast with another veteran like Christopher Plummer and an actor on the rise like James McAvoy. In such good company, she dazzlingly portrayed Leo Tolstoy’s wife, Sofya, as she tries to deal with the lifestyle they’ve been forced into after her husband’s fame as a writer, and also the struggle to keep her job after his death. A remarkable biopic in which Mirren is, as usual, stunning.

Review of ‘The Last Station’


Gosford Park (Robert Altman, 2001)

The critics were full of praise for this film of Robert Altman, an icon of New Hollywood who signed one of his latest works here. And it wouldn’t have been the same without a gold secondary like Mirren, who earned her second Oscar nomination with her performance (which she didn’t win). The story is set in a large mansion in the 1930s, where a wealthy married couple invite family and friends for a hunting party. The relationships between this elite and the servants of the house will be the center of the film, an appetizer of what the screenwriter Julian Fellowes would become ‘Downton Abbey’. The veteran actress has a scene at the end of the film that may well be the best performance of her career.

Review of ‘Gosford Park’


The Queen (Stephen Frears, 2006)

There is no Helen Mirren film more iconic than this one. She won the Oscar for Best Actress for a reason.. Her interpretation of Queen Elizabeth II of England will go down in the annals of British ‘royals’ cinema. The film, directed by Stephen Frearstakes us to a very specific time in the monarch’s life (which can be seen in greater detail in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’), just after the death of Princess Diana, her daughter-in-law, and the conversations with the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to celebrate a national duel. A strange choice in a life full of great milestones, but it worked perfectly thanks to Mirren’s acting conviction. There is no doubt that she is the Queen.

Review of ‘The Queen’

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