Ice sheets in Greenland are melting fast;  release 6 billion tons of water a day

Recent heat waves have also affected Greenlandcausing your ice cap melt quicklyraising the sea level.

The Directorate General for Defense Industry and Space of the European Commission warned on Tuesday that high temperatures have caused the ice sheet to melt rapidly and release around 6 billion tons of water per day.

The Sentinel 2 satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) recorded the changes in the area, showing a high discharge of sediments from the melting of the ice.

Scientists predicted, in a study published in Nature Climate Change, that the two largest land ice sheets in the world, in Greenland and Antarcticaare close to the worst scenario proposed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Researchers from the University of Leeds in the UK and the Danish Meteorological Institute found that melting Antarctica has raised global sea levels by 7.2 millimeters since 1990, while Greenland has contributed other 10.6 millimeters.

In total, the world’s oceans are now rising 4 millimeters every year as a result of melting ice sheets.

If melting continues to increase at this rate, the ice sheets could raise sea levels by another 17 centimeters by the end of the centuryexposing another 16 million people to annual coastal flooding and destruction.

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