Shakira rules out agreement with the Prosecutor's Office for alleged tax fraud;  she will foreseeably go to trial in Spain

Shakira’s communication agency announced that The singer of “Sale el sol” has ruled out reaching an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office in her legal case for an alleged fraud of 14.5 million euros to the Treasuryso the next step is for the prosecutor to present his indictment and it will presumably go to trial.

Through a statement, released this Tuesday, it has been explained that Shakira has not accepted a conformityas reported by ‘El País’, because “I fully trust his innocence”.

For Shakira’s legal team, this case represents “a total violation of her rights, since she has always shown impeccable conduct, as a person and a taxpayer”, and in this sense she has recalled that the artist, already before the criminal process, returned 17.2 million that the Treasury claimed.

The barranquilla team insisted that “for many years there has been no pending debt with the Treasury” and has branded its compliance impeccable in the twenty jurisdictions where it has paid taxes, reported the news agency, Europa Press.

At the same time, the team of the Latin American singer, who has participated in three World Cups, said that “Never had there been a persecution with such a lack of reasonableness and so fierce on the part of the treasurynor such an obvious use of media and reputational pressure as a collection mechanism”.

In addition, he criticizes that the Prosecutor’s Office has not provided direct evidence to support his accusation and “has maintained a completely intransigent attitude throughout the entire investigation.”

“The Prosecutor’s Office has insisted on collecting the money earned on my international tours and on ‘The Voice’ when I was not yet a resident in Spain, and they have resorted to improper means to pressure, as they do daily and unfairly with thousands of taxpayers for profit, the artist said in statements included in the statement.

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The Colombian composer and her team have been convinced of her innocence and confident that the trial will prove them right, “knowing that the Agency spends millions on this type of persecution and loses one out of every two lawsuits with its taxpayers.”

In May, the Barcelona Court endorsed prosecuting the singer for six alleged crimes against the Public Treasury, with a total of 14.5 million eurosas the Court of Instruction 2 of Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) had previously decided.

in this cause it is in question if Shakira supposedly stopped paying taxes in Spain between 2012, 2013 and 2014 despite being obliged to do so because it is where he had his tax residence, since he had been in the country more than 183 days a year.

In response At this point, the artist’s defense argued that at the time he was a resident of the Bahamasand now he criticizes that only attempts have been made to demonstrate “his permanence for certain days, but not even remotely what the law requires to be considered a resident” in Spain.

In the statement, The defense considers that the Prosecutor’s Office has “abused an indeterminate legal concept, such as sporadic absenceson the basis of a technically debatable question of who does not even earn in Spain since his benefits come from abroad where he works and exercises his profession”.

On the other hand, the judge who prosecuted her did so by rejecting the defense version, according to which she did not reside in Spain at that time, and recalled that In May 2012, Shakira bought a house and began to work on it, she rented a recording studio for a year and her pregnancy was monitored at a clinic in Barcelona.

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The instructor and the judges of the Barcelona Court, who endorsed processing the interpreter of “No”, believe that there are “sufficient elements” in the case because she had established her habitual residence in Spain, and that she remained physically in Spain for 183 days. Spain apart from departures that could be considered occasional, punctual or sporadic.

Specific, the taxes that Shakira allegedly defrauded are the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) -with a total of 12,371,197 euros- and Wealth Tax (IP)-2,191,771 euros- adding between the two a total of 14,562,968 euros.

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