Exclusive: Poster for 'Wild Sunflowers', the new film by Jaime Rosales with Anna Castillo

    Absent from the big screen since she premiered ‘Petra’ four years ago, director Jaime Rosales returns to theaters this fall with ‘Girasoles Salvajes’, a film starring Anna Castillo, Oriol Pla, Quim Ávila, Lluís Marques, Carolina Yuste Y Manolo Solo with which the Majorcan filmmaker will once again take part in the San Sebastian Festival, a contest in which in 2008 he was awarded the Critics’ Award for ‘Tiro en la cabeza’. FOTOGRAMAS exclusively presents the poster for the film, which will hit theaters on October 21.

    The film tells the story of Julia, the role of Anna Castillo, a 22-year-old mother of two, who falls in love with Óscar, a troubled boy played by Oriol Pla and with whom she begins a relationship. As they spend time together, Julia will begin to wonder if Óscar is the person she really needs by her side, which will lead her to start a personal journey in search of her happiness and that of her family. she. Rosales says that the origin of the film is found in “a photographic report of a young North American mother going through three relationships. This young woman showed, despite her young age, a remarkable maturity regarding her commitment to the care of her children. The economic and social difficulties that she had to face from her did not discourage her in the search for her love. She was a woman who had been abused and vilified by life without, as a result, having lost an iota of hope and joy. The story of that woman became the inspiration for the creation of the character of Julia – a woman who lives on the outskirts of Barcelona – and the script for ‘Girasoles Salvajes’.

    During the filming of ‘Girasoles Salvajes’, Rosales told us that he wanted “make a luminous film despite the dramatic moments. I want to leave a feeling of hope and happiness through the story of a strong woman who survives in a very difficult environment“.

    This is the seventh feature by a filmmaker recognized at Cannes (Critics Award in 2003 for ‘Las hora del día’) and winner of the Goya for Best Film and Direction for ‘La Soledad’ (2007) whose work is characterized by its tireless search for the possibilities offered by audiovisual support and interest in finding new expressive forms that move away from the usual conventions of cinematographic language.

    ‘Wild Sunflowers’, With a script by Rosales and Àngels Masclans himself, it is a production of Fresdeval Films, A Contracorriente Films, Oberon Media and Luxbox, which will premiere on October 21.

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