Triathlon in Valle de Bravo canceled due to fecal contamination in the dam

After detecting elevated levels of total and fecal coliforms in the Miguel Aleman Valdez damthe 2022 edition of the Triathlon AsTri Valle de Bravo GMC.

authorities of the Mexico state reported that the National Water Commission (Conagua) warned about the health risks it would represent for competitors.

“Conagua monitors the quality of the water at the dam intake site on a monthly basis, so there are historical results of total and fecal coliforms from January to June 2022, in which excess loads of these microorganisms that are a risk to human health are observed, ”reported Edna Marta San Juan Valenzuela, director of water administration of the Aguas del Valle de México Basin Agency of the With water.

Given these tests offered by Conagua, the Valle de Bravo City Council reported that “it will not grant permission to hold the Valle de Bravo 2022 Triathlon.”

For his part, the Triathlon Organizing Committee delivered to Conagua the results of the water quality of three samples taken from the Valle de Bravo dam.

By yielding different results to those obtained by the Commission, it was presumed that there were inconsistencies and even acknowledged that it does not know if the requirements were met during the taking of the water samples from the dam. sanitary procedures of NOM-203-SSA1-2020, carried out by the Gisena Labs Laboratory.

The water authority also warned about the dangers generated by the silt at the bottom of the dam, the presence of algae and lilies, and the water storage capacity.

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