AMLO defends the policy of hugs, not bullets, even if 'adversaries' do not like it

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that although his opponents may not like it, will keep saying “Hugs, not bullets.”

During the event for the start of infrastructure works in Quintana Roo, the president defended the policy to seek to reduce insecurity and bring peace to the country:

Our opponents don’t like it, but you can see that I’m a bit persevering, I’m going to keep saying: hugs, not bullets; and justice, care for the most needy people, care for young people, so that no one is forced to take the path of antisocial behavior. This is how we will continue to calm our country.

In his speech, the president defended his security policy, which he said is based on “the philosophy that peace is the fruit of justice, and that is what we are going to continue applying as a policy.”

He said that he will continue the search for disappeared persons, “respecting human rights, not using force.”

He argued that a “dictatorship” will never be allowed and that his administration will always watch over freedoms:

In Mexico we will never allow a dictatorship. We have to guarantee, above all, freedoms, that everyone can express themselves. And if we have a clear conscience, we have nothing to worry about. We are going to continue governing for the good of Mexico.

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