sadie sink as max, stranger things 4

    The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ continues to live up to what has already become one of the best Netflix series in 2022, with each actor nailing their performances as their respective characters.

    Among them is Sadie Withoutkwhose character, Maxacquired a much more prominent role in the fourth season of the series. However, although it is now impossible to imagine anyone else in the role of Max, Sink came very close to not getting it.

    He auditioned for the role in the second season of the series and the producers were worried in case Sink, who was 14 at the time, I was too old for the paper. Which reminds us of the age of the actors and their characters in ‘Stranger Things’.

    In a new interview with the magazine Fashion MagazineSink talks about the process: “I begged and pleaded with them to give me more material so I could show them something new”Sink said. The young actress insisted that she was “right” for the role of Max, who entered the second season as a new girl in Hawkins, with no friends and an abusive older brother named Billy (Dacre Montgomery).


    Finallythe producers listened to Sink and they called her to check the chemistry what did you have with Gaten Matarazzo (Dustine) and Caleb McLaughlin (Luke). Sink got the part the next day.

    Here are spoilers for the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ (Netflix)

    Sink was one of the breakout stars of the fourth season, as Max was crucial to the plot of the series.

    Vecna’s appearance in the Upside Down World causes the deaths of several students and Max is the series villain’s next target. This led to one of the standout moments: a harrowing scene in which Max is trapped by Vecna ​​as her friends try to save her with the help of Kate Bush’s iconic ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’, the song that ‘Stranger Things 4’ has made number 1 on iTunes. That scene will undoubtedly go down as one of the best in ‘Stranger Things’ history. And, without a doubt, it deserves to be among the 10 most epic moments of the end of ‘Stranger Things 4’.

    sadie sink as max, stranger things 4


    What about Max (Sadie Sink) in ‘Stranger Things 4’? Well, meanwhile, the gang’s plan to use Max as bait for Vecna ​​backfires when Max is possessed and nearly killed by the villain. Max barely survives with broken limbs and apparently blindness. He ends the season in a coma.

    It is not clear if Max will fully recover, but you can be sure that he will appear in ‘Stranger Things 5’, the last season of the series.

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