The 'democracy' according to Morena

The scenes of the internal process of Morena refer to the worst of electoral prehistory: distribution of pantries, voter hauling, purchase and induction of the vote, shouting, slapping, shoving, theft and burning of ballot boxes.

A mosaic of behaviors that remind us that, when you are not willing to tolerate the opposite -even if you are a member of the same party-, the next step is pulling your hair out, losing your temper and, in the worst case, the destruction of the opponent’s vote to erase the physical evidence of his opinion.

From the leadership of Morena, it will be said that what happened in some polls of the congressional elections that will define the future of the party were not generalized practices, but “focused incidents.”

Mario Delgado, Moreno’s national president, will defend the legality of the process and will accuse his opponents and the media of trying to magnify the scenes that flooded social networks on Saturday.

Delgado, the partisan leader who has garnered the votes that the popularity of Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues to produce, will be able to write his own manual of electoral picaresque, redefining the word carry.

On Saturday he declared that: “the carry is when a group of commissioned people is brought to vote for a specific person. When people are allowed to vote freely, well, that’s not hauling”.

Later, when there were already 16 entities in which anomalies were reported -of 20 where there were votes-, Delgado came out to warn that the election will be annulled only in those districts where it is fully proven that hauls, vote buying or simulation were carried out.

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If those are your parameters to tolerate the practices with which your militants compete for places in the National Congress, let your namesake come, Mario Moreno Cantinflas, to write the next federal code of electoral institutions and procedures of the political reform promoted by his party-movement.

If Mario Delgado and Citlali Hernández are interested in cleaning up the election of their delegates to the next Morena National Congress, just take a look at the social networks of the reporters who covered the “democratic day” and documented the carriage with stapled pieces of paper indicating the names of whom to vote for.

The groceries delivered to militants, the complaints that the vote was bought for 500 pesos, public officials using official vehicles to “facilitate” voter transportation.

The police intervening in Minatitlán to quell disturbances caused by one of the mayor’s rivals; the clashes between militants in Iztacalco and Coyoacán; the burning and destruction of electoral material in Zongolica, Veracruz; Juchitan, Oaxaca; Amozoc, Puebla, and other places governed by Morena.

Or, as an example of the hatred and intolerance among morenistas, a video by the reporter Laura Brugés that shows two women fighting with their hands, pulling hair, pinching and kicking them in the head.

But if Mario Delgado and Citlali Hernández consider that these scenes are “manufactured” by the media -because they are enemies of their movement-, they could also address the complaints of their own militants, or sit down to talk with characters like John Ackerman, who had to put up with shouts and boos when he went to vote in Coyoacán, for organizing a “raccoon hunting” operation and denounce the corruption in Morena and the “most stale practices of the old regime.”

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They are not very likely to talk with those who do not think like them, but perhaps the time has come for the formal leaders of Morena to listen to Alejandro Rojas Díaz-Durán, operator of Senator Ricardo Monreal, who from the beginning denounced exclusion and warned that the election of congressmen had been kidnapped by the operators of the “corcholatas”.

It was the “carnival of hauling and simulation,” Rojas Díaz-Durán tweeted on Saturday afternoon.. A clear sign that Morena has surrendered to “clientelism, corporatism and influencerism.”

The complaints, the photos and the videos of what happened remind us of those times in which the morenistas today were PRD supporters and turned their internal processes into pitched battles and thick files before the electoral tribunals.

With just eight years of existence, Morena has been the most successful political party in the Mexican 21st century. He is the beneficiary of the collapse of the tripartism of the transition and, if we stick to the electoral results, he is still perceived as “the hope of Mexico”.

Millions of Mexican men and women have turned their backs on the PRI, the PAN and the PRD at the national, state and municipal levels, trusting in the López Obrador movement; although, so far, it has not been possible to articulate in a party of clear, transparent and reliable rules and procedures.

Success came to Morena suddenly and overwhelmingly. Today, it governs a score of entities and hundreds of municipalities; It is the first minority in the two Houses of the Congress of the Union and in dozens of local congresses. And it receives more than a billion pesos a year in privileges.

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From his indisputable position of first force, today he wants to reinvent democracy, and promotes a political-electoral reform that would completely transform the current system.

But it seems that the enormous power that the citizens have given him has been too great for the formal leaders of the movement, incapable of building a party that transcends López Obrador.

Mario Delgado can boast of being the party leader who has won the most governorships in recent history, but Will he be able to go down in history as the founder of a modern, plural, tolerant and democratic party?

The answer will depend on the “elections” this weekend. From there will come the 3,000 congressmen who in September will elect the governing bodies that will lead Morena to the 2024 elections.

Is the future of the new official party in the hands of the operators who orchestrated the carrying, buying and coercion of the vote this weekend?

It is not enough that Mario Delgado and Citlali Hernández look outside Morena for those responsible for “discrediting” their party-movement. Perhaps the time has come for Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard, Adán Augusto López to be held accountablewhose battle for 2024 not only violates the electoral rules, but also confronts and overwhelms the spirits among the morenistas themselves.

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