Women's Euro 2022: Wembley Final Sets Attendance Record |  Video

The game played this Sunday between England and Germany (2-1) beat the attendance record in a Euro Cup Final when congregating 87 thousand 192 fans in Wembley Stadiuma milestone for the tournament that passes the 1964 men’s final, Come in Spain and the Soviet Union, which was disputed before 79 thousand 115 viewers in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

The hosts won the continental trophy in front of their fans in a record competition, Pulverize total attendance records. Approximately 87 thousand spectators were part of the third women’s meeting with the highest attendanceonly surpassed by two games ofl Women’s FC Barcelona at the Camp Nouin the first leg of the quarterfinals and the semifinal of the Champions League, with 91,553 spectators against Real Madrid Y 91 thousand 648 against Wolfsburg.

Euro 2022 has doubled the 240 thousand 055 viewers of the 2017 edition in the Netherlands, raising the presence to 574 thousand 875 fans. In this way, the final phase of 2022 has the highest attendance figures for a women’s Euro, after the mark of five years ago was already surpassed during the match of the second day between France and Belgium.

In addition, before the opening match of this edition, the largest number of spectators for a single match of the final phase was 41 thousand 301, established when Germany beat Norway in the 2013 final in Sweden.

Another record fell for the third time on matchday three when 22,596 saw the Netherlands beat Switzerland in Sheffield, the most in a match that did not involve the host nation, apart from a final. Since then, there have also been recorded new highs in quarters and semifinals both in the general and in the matches without the country of origin.

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