AMLO recognizes carries in Morena's internal elections, "but in very few boxes"

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that during the internal elections of Morena held last weekend, voter hauling was carried out, but he assured that only “in very few polling places.”

During his morning press conference at the National Palace, he stated that it was a “democratic day” in which About two and a half million citizens participated.

There is of course disagreement. These processes must be improved more and more so that there are no violations, hauls, induction of votes and there were still these types of practices, but in very few polling places, it was not generalized. It is not as the opponents would have wanted, López Obrador maintained.

The president described the response to the call as “massive”, especially since it is an internal party election and to choose the delegates who will participate in the Morena Congress, however, he admitted that many of those who participated they were not really militantbut he said that right there they joined.

Despite the numerous criticisms from the military that have emerged in different states of the country, the president and founder of the party acknowledged on Monday the leaders Mario Slim Y Citlalli Hernandez because “they helped to hold the elections”.

López Obrador stated that the criticism of the internal process came from conservative voices and even challenged opposition party leaders to open its internal processes to the militants.

“That the conservative bloc call open elections to decide, that it be nothing more than those above, what the agreements do and decide in luxury restaurants in Mexico City. It is very important that people participate, ”he maintained.

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Last Saturday and Sunday, the internal elections of Morena were held in which everything from complaints of vote buying and hauling to fights between militants were recorded.

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