Anaya accuses AMLO of "traitor to the country" for putting the T-MEC at risk

The former candidate for the Presidency of Mexico Ricardo Anaya asserted that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador he is a traitor to the country by putting the Trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

In a video posted on his social networks, the former PAN leader asserted that the president, who has repeatedly pointed out to his opponents as traitors to the countryis the one who has put Mexico ‘in check’ by initiating a conflict with its main trading partners, who recently requested a consultation process within the framework of the T-MEC for the country’s energy policy.

“The idea of ​​a Banana Republic that exists in the head of López Obrador, many of us would turn out to be traitors to the country. But now I do have other data. For me, a traitor to the country is someone who declares himself legitimate president after losing an election,” said the opponent, who listed a series of acts that he considers to be mistakes by the current ruler, including the release of Ovidio Guzmán, son of ‘ El Chapo’, as well as the policy of “hugs, not bullets”.

A traitor to the country is someone who, in the midst of the best investment opportunity that Mexico has had in decades, prefers to fight with our main trading partner because that increases his popularity, he said.

Mexico has the best investment opportunity that has been presented in decades; Instead of taking advantage of it AMLO prefers to fight with the United States to increase your popularity.

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He is the ideal president of the banana republic he dreams of; Mexico was really too big for him.

According to the former candidate for the Presidency of Mexico, with the signing of the Free Trade Agreement 30 years ago, an agreement that was replaced by the T-MECMexico became a regional power that exports more manufactures than all the countries of Latin America combined.

About 2.7 million jobs in Mexico depend on what the country exports to the United States and CanadaThat’s why putting that treaty at risk is “treason against the country,” Anaya assured.

Likewise, Anaya asserted that AMLO “lies to his people without shame” and incites social division.

López Obrador could be the ideal president for the Banana Republic that he dreams of, but Mexico really, that one was too big for him.

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