Argentine soccer player hits referee from behind

An attack was recorded in an amateur soccer league in Argentina that has outraged soccer fans internationally.

An amateur soccer player hit the referee Delma Cortadiin a scene that was recorded in an amateur league in Argentina.

The events were recorded in a game of the Tres Arroyos League, in a game between Independencia and Garmense.

The player identified as Christian Tyrone34, went to directly hit the referee from behind.

The club expressed its “strong repudiation”, apologized and said it will work to eradicate these behaviors.

The Evita Tres Arroyos Movement, the JP Evita and the Evita Women’s Front repudiated the sexist aggression with the following message:

Annoys that we go out to have fun
It bothers us that we work in environments that used to belong to men
It bothers us to study
It bothers us that we become independent.
The Patriarchate is bothered by everything because they want to see us confined within four walls to continue managing us as they please.
We are not going to stop doing what we enjoy.
We are not going to stop working on what we like
Enough of violence against women!

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