Big Brother 24 Just Had Another Veto Shocker, And It Might Cause More Chaos

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the big brother live feeds as of Monday, August 1st. Read at your own risk!

big brother Season 24 is the most exciting season in a long time, and it’s thanks in large part to the ever-shifting alliances and unexpected game moves. CinemaBlend is watching the events of the game with a Paramount+ subscriptionand after yet another veto meeting shocker, it’s looking like more chaos is on the way.

Daniel Durston just did something entirely unexpected, though whether or not it’ll be an awesome game move or one of the biggest blunders in recent memory remains to be seen. Here’s what’s happening in the house, and how what seemed like a surefire eviction week for Nicole Layog might be slowly changing.

Daniel Durston on Big Brother on CBS

(Image credit: CBS)

Daniel Used The Veto After Monte Told Him Not To

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