Internal elections of Morena, as in the old days of the PRI: Ackerman;  It was an unprecedented exercise: Citlalli Hernández

This weekend, Morena – party founded by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador– held an internal election day to define theThe new district congresses.

During the day, which was held on Saturday in 20 entities and on Sunday in the remaining 12, from accusations of vote buying, hauling and even fights between the same militants.

In interview with Aristegui Livethe lawyer and investigator of the UNAM John Ackerman asserted that this electoral exercise was marred by bad practices and a “cumulative irregularities.”

According to the Morenoite, who has been critical of the current party leadership, the practices that took place on election day are reminiscent of “to the old days of the PRI”as he asserted that potential voters were even pressured to go to the polls.

There was a massive operation, massive as in the old days of the PRI to buy and coerce the vote, he stated.

The doctor of law assured that a clear indicator of the alleged irregularities is that the results of the day have not been released.

“Morena has not released the results of the electoral days on Saturday and Sunday, this is a great irregularity,” said the litigant, who pointed out that the problem was not militancy, but the bad practices of politicians that occupy the morenista dome.

Assuring that the militancy is “dignified and honest”, Ackerman ruled that the irregularities presented were not an “accident” but rather correspond to the project of Mario Delgado, national president of the party, who, according to the lawyer, reproduces the practices that have historically been criticized from AMLO’s party.

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The UNAM investigator charged that the Morena leadership is seeking to make the party’s values ​​disappear. “They are violating the principles and instructions of Andrés Manuel.”

Where are the results? Where are the ballots? Where are the sheets? Who won, who lost? How many votes did they receive? We have no information. How can we talk about a “democratic party” if we don’t have results? Ackerman questioned the leadership.

The brunette made a call to Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández to annul the internal election before the irregularities that arose. “We cannot accept that Morena reproduces these practices,” she assured.

In this regard, the general secretary of the party and licensed senator, Citlalli Hernández, asserted that the weekend was something unprecedentedas it is the first time that a party transparent the process to elect their representatives.

in chat with Aristegui LiveHernández assured that in general terms it was a constructive day which, he accepted, has areas of opportunity.

According to figures from the licensed senator, around 2.5 million people participated in the internal election to elect delegates to Congress.

In general terms it has been a constructive day, with a lot of participation“, asserted Citlalli Hernández, who acknowledged that there were bad practices which, he said, will be sanctioned.

“Combating the vices of a system that is more than 80 years old, without a doubt, will not be easy,” said the Morena leader, who recalled that eight years after its creation, Morena “has grown a lot.”

Regarding the irregularities pointed out by Ackerman, the legislator asserted that the lawyer is opting for a “hypercritical” stance and noted that the results will be released no later than Wednesday.

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“It is to ignore the effort that is being made in this process,” said the brunette about Ackerman’s questions; however, she said she, the fact that they exist plural postures it is an example of a healthy party, he pointed out.

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