Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at trial for libel

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is not going to give us a break even weeks after the verdict. We already learned in June that the jury had ruled in favor of the actor, concluding that his ex-wife had indeed defamed him with the opinion piece that he published in the Washington Post. The actress was sentenced to 10.35 million dollars, while she won 2 million dollars for having been defamed by a member of Depp’s team. Heard’s attorneys have begun appeal proceedings. But in the last days they have been released more than 6,000 pages of documents that were not approved to reach the trialand that include the most outrageous accusations on both sides, which at this point should not surprise us given the media circus that has been mounted around.

Amber Heard’s team would have attached an analysis of the metadata of the photos submitted by Johnny Depp, alleging that many of the dates of creation or modification do not match the chronology of the events, which would prove that they had been modified in some way. Same with several of the audio recordings. They also accused the opposing team of trying to get naked photos of the actress into evidence, in addition to wanting to bring up the brief period in which she worked as an exotic dancer to discredit her and insinuate that she had worked as an escort.

Johnny Depp’s team also sought to avoid damaging his image by asking that his medical history not be published, sticking only to everything that would have been the result of alleged physical abuse by his ex-wife. In addition to mentioning several drugs, such as one to treat shingles, according to Johnny Depp’s team, Amber Heard planned to present as “motivation for abuse” that the actor suffered from erectile dysfunction. The actor’s lawyers also prevented messages between him and Marilyn Manson from being published, or from being mentioned at trial, so that he would not be found guilty by association.. In those messages, the singer would go so far as to say that he “has an Amber 2.0”, referring to his wife, Lindsay Usich, and even asked Johnny Depp to take him in because he believed that the police were looking for him. They also prevented it from being possible to talk about other complaints that he had pending or about his criminal record.

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The filming of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’ also occupies an important part of the documents. Tracey Jacobs, who was Johnny Depp’s agent at the time, would have admitted that people from Disney called him to reproach him that his client appeared “drunk and high” to filming and “they did not intend to tolerate” that behavior. Another document states that Amber Heard would have ignored the recommendation of her lawyers to accept half of Johnny Depp’s earnings for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’, which would correspond to her because they were still married to her. We would talk about more than 16 million dollars, which the actress rejected to show that the divorce was not for money. And while much of the documents would hurt Johnny Depp’s image, there are also parts that wouldn’t help Amber Heard’s image, like a list her team wanted to present with names of actors and actresses with whom Heard should be able to rub elbows in income and fame were it not for the criticism made by Johnny Depp. Names like Zendaya, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa or Ana de Armas are mentioned on the list. It is clearly not the case.

Amber Heard sells her house

These documents are not going to change the outcome of the trial, and Amber Heard has already had to take steps to raise the money needed for the appeal. According to TMZ, The actress would have sold her house in the Yucca Valley, California, for 1.05 million dollars. He would have gotten almost double what he paid for it in 2019. But it is still far from what is asked for bail or payment from Johnny Depp.

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