José Luis Ramírez Luengo will enter the Mexican Academy of Language

The doctor in Hispanic philology Jose Luis Ramirez Luengo will read his commencement speech Mexican Academy of Language, as a corresponding academic in the city of Madrid, Spain.

Concepcion Company Company, deputy director and numerary academic of the AML will welcome you. Her candidacy was proposed by the members Ascension Hernandez Trivino, Pedro Martin Butragueno Y Fernando Nava Lopezand was elected by the plenary session of the corporation on February 11, 2021.

Ramírez Luengo has developed his teaching and research work at the Autonomous Universities of Querétaro (Mexico), Jaén, Alcalá and Complutense (Spain), and in other higher education institutions in Europe and Latin America. He has specialized in the history of the Spanish language in modern timesboth in Spain (specifically the Basque area), and in America (especially in Central America, Uruguay and Bolivia), and in the linguistic contact between Spanish and Portuguese,

He is the author of Brief history of Spanish in America; The language that the heroes spoke. The Spanish of America at the time of the Independences; A description of the Spanish of the mid-eighteenth century. Edition and study of the letters of M. Martierena del Barranco (1757-1763); Texts for the history of Spanish. Honduras and El Salvador (1650-1819) Y Historical lexicon of Central American Spanish. Honduras (1550-1819).

The ceremony will be next Thursday, August 4, at 7:00 p.m., in the Alfonsina Chapel of the City of Mexico.

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