Morena presumes 'historic day' despite hauling;  INE denounces attacks and more |  National Headlines 08/01/2022

These are the highlights of this Monday, August 01, 2022 in the main newspapers of national circulation:

There are even hits in Morena; go to tripe

They accuse ‘Olympics of fraud’

“The country is experiencing systematic corruption in the use of water”

“It is treated as merchandise”

The CDMX airport registers historical delays

There were 30,000 delays from January to March, 77% of them unrelated to the airlines, the largest number of cases since there is a report

Morena sees “historic day” before the hauling complaints

Assemblies. The national leadership estimates that 3 million supporters responded to this weekend’s call and anticipates that votes will be canceled in districts where there were irregularities

INE accuses parties of aggression

OFFICIALS WHO CAME TO INSPECT proselytizing acts and campaigns suffered physical and verbal attacks, denounces the president adviser, Lorenzo Córdova

Energy policy generates concern for investment

US report. AMLO’s strategy raises the cost of doing business in Mexico

ISR and oil collection rise up public finances of the I Sem.

Total deposits increased 4.9% annualized, with $3.3 billion

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