Morenistas denounce vote buying and intervention of the state government during the internal election in Morelos

In Morelos, the internal process of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) took place in means of transport, delivery of cakes and purchase of votes, “the state government put its hands in” to try to position Ulises Bravo Medina, brother of Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, as a state councilor, accused morenistas.

Bravo Medina, also former president of the Solidarity Encounter Party (PES) and candidate for deputy, was registered as a candidate for Morena’s counselorafter promoting the citizen consultation for the revocation of the mandate organized by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Since early Sunday morning, hundreds of people, women and older adults, formed long queues in the vicinity of the five voting modules distributed throughout the state mainly, those placed in Cuernavaca, Jojutla and Yautepec, to guarantee their participation.

Margarita Gonzalez Zaraviadirector of the National Lottery, shared a video on her account Facebook where you can see the rows in the vicinity of the government palace, the official seat of the Executive Power.

“The Fourth Transformation is fundamental for our country. But there are opportunists who use humble people to vote for their personal interests. They pay them any amount and promise them public works for their colonies in exchange for a vote. They will make them spend all night there on the street. Those types of politicians do a lot of damage to our state. What a shame to treat people like this and trample on their dignity. Those of us who are convinced of the 4T do not agree with these practices”, reads the publication.

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During election day, people were observed casting their vote and taking a photograph of the ballot, other people carried a piece of paper indicating the name they should mark on the ballot; Among the names indicated, Ulises Bravo could be read.

The former Moreno deputy, current councilor and aspiring councilorAlejandra Flores, denounced that the Executive Power put its hands.

“Using economic power and the power of the state that is involved in a process that is not even from this party, no matter how much they have wanted to make it look like they are from Morena, we have held assemblies and they are not of this magnitude, historically I had not seen in an internal process of a party of this magnitude, why? because the hands of the State Government are halfway using the people’s money to pay”.

He also denounced that the Government of Morelos incurred in buying votes, practices that do not correspond to the true morenistas.

“They are paying everyone from 350 to 500 pesos for them to come to sleep, they should be ashamed to see so many people to stay here for another six years,” he said.

He also criticized the determination of the Morena National Committee fully open the doors to people from other parties and allow that this voting day the affiliation or ratification will be carried out and they will vote immediately.

“There is evidence of how the same people say that the governor and his brother asked for their support in exchange for a payment and to continue generating public works in their neighborhoods, that is said by people with a first and last name, not unknown people,” he added.

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Some workers from different government agencies were observed in the queues voting and carrying out various activities such as logistics, vote validation and even in the delivery of breakfasts.

A worker from a government agency who agreed to give her testimony, requesting anonymity for fear of reprisals, reported that the heads of the agency where she works met them and told them that if they wanted to keep their jobs they had to support internal elections.

“They asked us to join and go vote, They also asked us for a photograph of the ballot, some colleagues from other dependencies were even asked to bring their family to vote,” he revealed.

A worker of a decentralized organization, narrated that in his case “I was asked to vote for the governor’s brother and a womanbut they also put logistics activities on us, such as receiving people who arrived from other municipalities, mainly older adults, and making sure they lined up and voted.”

Some flyer workers indicated that from the Ministry of Mobility and Transport, by Víctor Mercado -whom Blanco Bravo seeks to position as the gubernatorial candidate- the hauling operation was coordinated and even those who did not support were threatened with withdrawal of concessions.

Renowned Morenoites who are active in the political life of Morelos, such as the mayor of Jiutepec, Rafael Reyes stressed that it was an atypical participation.

“We saw many people who are not active and do not participate in the party that decided to participate and We do not know what they promised them to go vote,” he said.

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Another brunette who agreed to talk was the municipal president of Jojutla, Juan Ángel Flores Bustamante, who stressed that from the outset it was a mistake to place only five modules in the entire entity, becausee that facilitated and normalized the carry, a practice with which the morenistas do not agree.

By 10 p.m. in some modules the count had not yet started, a situation that exacerbated the tension between the morenistas who did not rule out that, in case of having favorable results for people close to the president, They will challenge the election in court.

While, Samuel Sotelo Salgado Secretary of Government, denied that the workers of the Executive had been forced to participate in this vote for the governor’s brother.

Furthermore, he reported that “There were people arrested for trying to steal ballots and for trying to alter order in the municipalities of Cuautla and Jiutepec.”

The Government of Morelos deployed police elements from the State Security Commission (CES), in addition to the fact that there were presence of the Sedena and the National Guard.

An interview was sought by telephone with Ulises Bravo Molina but there was no positive response.

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