New York Bar Association condemns AMLO's government investigating judge;  asks to respect autonomy

The New York City Bar Association condemned the president’s words and actions Andrés Manuel López Obrador on investigating Judge Juan Pablo Gómez Fierroto whom the president has made reference on several occasions during his morning press conference.

In a statement, the group of litigants expressed “your serious concern” for the comments made by the president and pointed out that these acts contravene several fundamental principles and norms of international law.

The New York City Bar Association opposes any action or statement by President López Obrador or his supporters that unduly interferes with the independence of the judiciary in Mexico, the statement read.

Likewise, the school called the Government of López Obrador to respect the independence of the Judiciary.

The New York City Bar Association urges the Mexican government and its elected officials to respect judicial independence in a manner consistent with international law and Mexico’s international commitments.

The group noted that there is research in the Financial Intelligence Unit against Gómez Fierro and his family.

“Furthermore, in the event of credible allegations of judicial corruption or misconduct, appropriate and non-political channels should be sought, while avoiding open and public threats from other branches of government,” the statement read.

Who is Juan Pablo Gomez Fierro?

Juan Pablo Gómez Fierro is head of the Second District Court for Administrative Matters, specializing in economic competition.

The judge has been a topic of conversation for AMLO, since he has issued several resolutions that put in check the works and laws that the 4T seeks to implement; For example, he gave the first amparo for environmental reasons against the Electricity Industry Law (LIE).

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Also, has granted suspensions to a series of projects of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, among them, the Register of Mobile Telephony Users (PANAUT) and the electrical reform.

Likewise, granted a definitive suspension to the Spanish company Iberdrola against a fine of 9,145 million pesos imposed by the Energy regulatory commission (CRE) at the end of May.

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