They denounce robbery by CDMX police officers during review;  Secretary of Security already investigates and suspends them |  Video

After a video that was broadcast on social networks An alleged robbery of a man by police in Mexico City was reportedthe Ministry of Citizen Security indicated that it is already investigating the fact.

In the video that he released on social platforms, the moment in which a group of policemen inspects a citizen for no apparent reason. At first you see how they take the cap off the person and do not return it.

Then they ask the man to hand over his cell phone, who gives it to them without objecting. The mobile team is lost from sight in the hands of the police.

In this regard, the SSC reported that the events that occurred in the CuauhtĂ©moc mayor’s office It is already under the analysis of the General Directorate of Internal Affairs.

“To integrate the internal administrative investigation folder, they have already been summoned to testify and, while the investigations of the case are carried out, they are temporarily suspended,” the agency reported on the police.

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