Without ideals or principles, no party lasts, says AMLO

After the criticism of the Morena district elections held this weekend, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that in politics it is necessary to have ideals and principlesOtherwise, no game lasts.

Not to mention the alliance of the PAN, PRI and PRD, who are in the coalition goes to Mexico despite having seemingly opposing political agendasthe president maintained that there is progress, since citizens are no longer fooled and recognize those who act guided by other motivations.

“If there are no ideals, if there are no principles, no party lasts, because everything is pragmatism, everything is the struggle of power for power, without ideals, without principles, it is ‘get off yourself because I want it’, it is to triumph at all costs, without moral scruples of any kind, is to buy votes, threaten, condition support, falsify minutes, stuff ballot boxes because there are no ideals, no principles,” he said.

“Truly honest people are not going to do that, and that requires principles, ideals, to have a philosophy, to have a doctrine, who does not have any of that, if not the only thing that moves him is the ambition for power or to money, because it is neither a politician nor a businessman, in the strict sense, nor a good citizen because ethics is required and politics is an ethical imperative, so I am pleased that progress is being made”.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged the opposition to hold elections in their respective partiesand even suggested asking the National Electoral Institute organize your choices so that there are no differences.

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“Now get ready because we are now going to see the elections in the conservative bloc. Here they come, that will be very important. Observing them, of course, if they are entrusted to the INE there is no problem. There they are magicians, high-flying specialists in electoral fraud.”

López Obrador stressed that Morena’s elections leave the lesson that campaigns should not only be done on social networksbut it must also have a territorial presence.


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