AMLO recognizes 'carrying' in internal elections;  Conagua will no longer give concessions and more |  National Headlines 08/02/2022

These are the outstanding news of this Tuesday, August 02, 2022 in the main newspapers of national circulation:

AIFA subsidy tripled

He has 11 trades a day

“End of water concessions to industries in the north of the country”

AMLO advances that a reform to the law of the branch is being analyzed

Banks, with dream profits in the first half

The seven largest financial groups in the country reported profits of 106 million pesos due to higher interest and commissions

Baraja Morena until expulsions for “isolated incidents”

Elections. López Obrador acknowledges that “there was vote buying and hauling”, but not like those that opponents and conservatives have operated before, “nothing to do with it”

They paid for a trip vip to die crowded

MIGRANTS FOUND LIFELESS in a trailer in San Antonio gave up to 13 thousand dollars to a network of coyotes that offers “more comfortable and safer” transfers

Negative bias in business confidence

INDICATORS. Widespread weakening of expectations for the future

The amount of remittances in January-June was 16% higher than that of the I Sem. from 2021

Shipments accumulated 27,565 million dollars

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